Hot flashes, hot flushes and night sweats.

Hot Flashes: I remember when I was younger and old women would talk about hot flashes. I didn’t have a clue what they were, but I knew they were not a good thing. Well, now I’m there and I was right. There’s nothing like it, they start out as “warm” flashes… you know, all of a sudden you feel like someone turned the air conditioning off… but in a couple of minutes you’re ok. Then they pick up steam. You can be freezing to death one moment, then you feel it coming on… starts in the pit of your stomach and within 30 seconds, your entire body heats up like an oven. Lasts a few minutes, then you’re back to freezing. These symptoms are annoying during the day… but at night…

Night Sweats: There’s nothing like being in a deep peaceful sleep when all of a sudden you swear the house is on fire! When you wake up, both you and the bed a soaked!

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