About the time the “Visitor” skips a month, and we are not talking pregnacy…

IT IS H-E-L-L! Menopause…oh my… as if childbirth and monthlies were not enough for a woman to endure, there’s menopause. Seems our bodies are in a constant state of change. But none so dramatic as menopause. This signifies the end of our child bearing years and one would think it would be a grand and glorious stage… NOT! Just when we were able to cope with PMS, we hit menopause.

If you are looking for menopause answers you are joining over 100,000 women a month in the U. S. that start experiencing menopause symptoms. If your body is run down, depleted of essentials minerals and nutrients, you can expect a tougher time. Sleep is essential for rejuvenation of the body, start practicing safe sleep. Natural hormone treatment is available, as well as natural mineral supplements.


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Excess hormones could cause a condition that can lead to blindness in women, study finds  Science Daily

Research has found that increased levels of hormones including testosterone could cause a brain condition that can lead to blindness in women.

The Appointments Even Healthy People Should Make Once A Year  HuffPost

As we move closer to the end of the year, it's a good time to reflect on your health over the past 12 months. And part of this involves checking to see if you've had ...

Fibrocystic breast disease: Causes, symptoms, and treatment  Medical News Today

Fibrocystic breast disease causes a person to have lumpy, and sometimes painful, breasts. It is a very common condition and not harmful. Learn more in this ...

Are your hormones making you depressed?

It can hit with no warning, and affect your relationships, career and day-to-day life. As studies show that up to 70 per cent of us experience low mood in the ...

Why Do I Sweat In My Sleep?  HuffPost

Experts share the most common causes of night sweats and when to be concerned.

If you have bumps on your tongue, here's what they could mean  AOL

Much like your teeth, hair, skin, and nails, your tongue says a lot about your health. Although you might not look at it often, it shows if you need hydration, if you're ...

What your GP won’t tell you about the menopause  Daily Mail

Claudia Connell, 53, attended FlushFest, in Perth, Scotland. She says a recurring theme at the festival from the women was how clueless GPs seem to be about ...

I couldn’t stand my boyfriend touching me and doctors thought I was pregnant at 49 – but it was really the men  The Sun

MEG Mathews has revealed her doctors thought she was pregnant at 49 when she first started going through the menopause. The mum, who has a daughter ...

6 Puzzling Questions About Menopause — Answered  Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

Are hot flashes bad for your health? Does menopause change your voice? Will a thyroid condition mask hot flashes? What about if you've had a hysterectomy ...

High HDL, The 'Good Cholesterol,' May Not Be Good For Some Women In Middle Age  KERA News

There's good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). While a high HDL number on a screening is usually good news, it may not tell the whole story for.

Bowel endometriosis: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment  Medical News Today

Bowel endometriosis is when tissue similar to endometrial tissue develops on the bowel, causing a range of symptoms. In this article, learn about the causes and ...

Menopause at 17: How I came to terms with finding out I couldn't have children  Metro

Lauren was just a teenager when she realised something was wrong. Unlike the rest of her friends, she'd never had a period. 'It was a massive source of anxiety ...

Always worried about your health? You may be dealing with health anxiety disorder  Harvard Health

Individuals who suffer from health anxiety may worry excessively that they have serious health conditions, such as cancer or HIV, even when they have no ...

Diet and age at menopause: Is there a connection? - Harvard Health Blog  Harvard Health

Research suggests a link between diet and age at menopause with some foods associated with a later menopause and others with a younger age at ...

The Menopause Diaries: I'm hoping Carole Vorderman's doctor will help with the Peri-Menopause headache

Helen Seymour is in Peri-Menopause, or at least she thinks she is. In her new weekly column we will follow her on her journey towards the menopause, learning ...

Excessive or unwanted hair in women: Causes and natural treatments  Medical News Today

Unwanted hair growth on the body or face has a range of causes linked to hormones. Some growth is typical and has no links to conditions that cause hirsutism.

Is this normal?  Harvard Health

Different women experience different types of vaginal discharge. There is a wide range of “normal.” However, some symptoms like postmenopausal…

Living with chronic Lyme disease: Symptoms after misdiagnosis  TODAY

Stephanie Tait saw hundreds of doctors for her Lyme disease symptoms. Now she's suffering from the side effects of being misdiagnosed for so long.

15 symptoms of MS in women  Medical News Today

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that damages the nerves and causes a wide range of symptoms, including vision problems and numbness. In this article ...

Reasons a woman may not know she's pregnant at six weeks  CNN

Georgia is the latest US state to sign a bill that would ban abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as six weeks. Experts tell ...

When the arrival of menopause brings symptoms of depression  Harvard Health

Hormone therapy has long been a controversial topic, and a new study about the role of hormones in depression is adding some fodder to the debate. A study ...

A lifetime of sleep, from birth to menopause and beyond  The Guardian

Babies wake at any hour, teenagers refuse to get out of bed, older adults find a good night's rest harder to achieve. Why do our sleep patterns shift with age?

Acromegaly: Know the Symptoms, Advocate for Necessary Screening  EndocrineWeb

Acromegaly, a rare overproduction of growth hormone, takes 14 years before most patients receive a diagnosis. They need better screening, and ongoing ...

Eating breakfast won't help you lose weight, but skipping it might not either - Harvard Health Blog  Harvard Health

Eat breakfast? Skip breakfast? Newer research fails to link having breakfast with eating less or weight loss. So, will skipping breakfast shave off weight?

Fatty liver disease: What it is and what to do about it - Harvard Health Blog  Harvard Health

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition of extra fat buildup in the liver, is on the rise — it now affects roughly 20% to 40% of the US population.

Fertility Week: Everything Women Need to Know About Their Current and Future Fertility  Glamour

Women deserve more transparency around their reproductive futures, which is why "Glamour" partnered with Modern Fertility to take the pulse of what women ...

8 Best Period Tracker Apps, Recommended By An Ob-Gyn  Women's Health

Knowing the ins and outs of your menstrual cycle isn't just convenient—it's also good for your health. That's why period trackers are important; here are eight of ...

When do you need a heart stent?  Harvard Health

An estimated two million people get coronary artery stents every year, and if you have coronary artery disease, there is a good chance your doctor will suggest ...

Spotting before a period: A sign of pregnancy or something else?  Medical News Today

Spotting before a period is usually harmless, and it may not always have a clear cause. However, it can sometimes be an early sign of pregnancy. Other possible ...

15 Things Your Skin Says About Your Health - Showbiz Cheat Sheet 15 Things Your Skin Says About Your Health  The Cheat Sheet

Your skin is the most noticeable part of your body. And it can play a major role in telling you about your health. Rashes, spots, bruising, and more can all indicate ...

Ovarian Cancer Treatment: What Are the Options?  Self

Learn more about ovarian cancer treatment options. There may be more out there than you realized, and the best one can differ based on your situation.

Menopause Doesn't Make Me Invisible

Jill Gleeson is 51, and has been diagnosed by her doctor as postmenopausal. She doesn't have children, and now she knows she never will. But, she says, "It's ...

When should you worry about fatigue?  Harvard Health

Everyone goes through occasional bouts of fatigue, but an episode that becomes worse than usual or lasts longer than a week or two may be a sign of an ...

My "Menopause" Symptoms Were Actually Cervical Cancer  Reader's Digest

Carol Lacey's symptoms didn't seem too bad, and she wasn't too worried when she went to get checked out. If she hadn't, though, she might not be here to tell ...

Discontinuation syndrome and antidepressants - Harvard Health Blog  Harvard Health

Discontinuation and change are part of life. We all start and stop various activities. Jobs change, relationships change. So, too, may medical treatments, such as ...

3 Reasons to Track Sleep on Your Smart Watch or Fitness Tracker  Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

If you use wearable technology to count steps, or measure the miles you run or cycle, you may have stumbled upon its sleep-tracking function. Here's why you ...

Gloria Bell Review: Julianne Moore Film Is For Women Over 50  TIME

Menopause. There, I've said it. If half of you have fled, no one blames you, because even those who have been through it—or are getting ready to do so—don't ...

Future - What is endometriosis?  BBC News

My painful periods started when I was about 14. I wore heat patches to school in the hope that they would help me last through the day. Sometimes they did.

Hair Loss in Women: When Should You Worry?  Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

Pinpointing a cause is the first step in combating hair loss in women. Find out more about why your hair may thin over time and steps you can take to help restore ...

Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits, Risks  Healthline

The number of American women who take medication to manage menopause plunged after 2002. That's when news came out that hormone replacement ...

Hormone replacement therapy tied to Alzheimer's risk, study says, but experts urge caution  CNN

An observational study on hormone replacement therapy in nearly 85000 postmenopausal Finnish women found that those on such therapy had a very small ...

HRT won't kill you - but menopausal women still face a difficult decision  The Guardian

A study this week concluded HRT does not shorten lives – but it still increases the risk of cancer, leaving those suffering symptoms with a tough choice to make.

Why Am I Always Hot? 7 Reasons You Feel Overheated All the Time

There are medical conditions that can cause you to feel hot all the time. Here are the main ones to consider.

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